Bathtub for Less - Random Wonderings

OK, random thoughts come at random moments, and I’m left wondering whether I should be concerned about how random these thoughts really are. Especially when these snippets of “I wonder..” flying through my mind contain questions of metal stock tanks becoming bathtubs or odder still, can a person make their own bathtub?

So, now that I have openly confessed the vast randomness of my mental wonderings and spent approximately 45 minutes online researching said randomness, the question that remained was whether or not a metal stock tank bathtub could be made to look classy. After a few more minutes of online searching I discovered that yes, metal stock tanks can be installed in a way that is not only classy but beautiful. It’s true, I saw the pictures with my own two eyes.

After resolving my concern over the health hazards galvanized steel might pose, another wandering wonder crossed the mental radar of my mind. Would the expense of the fixtures necessary to take the humble stock tank from rustic to luxe outweigh the financial savings of using the tank?

My Beloved has been working on various bathroom projects at our house lately. Consequently, he has been checking out the price of fixtures at various sources. Using the results of his searches, my question was quickly answered.

An ordinary stock tank from the farm/ranch store does have the potential to not only save hundreds of dollars financially, but along with a couple applications of enamel paint to the interior and the use of elegant fixtures(purchased on sale or through a source such as eBay), provide a safe, elegant bathtub perfect for soaking away winter’s chill.

There are more views of the bath pictured here. Now that we know metal stock tanks have such amazing potential, if anyone needs a new bathtub, just visit the local farm/ranch store. Metal tanks can also be purchased online.

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mom said...

glad to hear you are putting enamel on the interior. One family used a stock tank for a swimming pool and it was hard on their feet. looks cute.