Flavored Coffee and Tea - Making Your Own

I feel almost guilty even sharing this. It is that easy. However, until I read how for myself, I did not know. I am thankful that someone else shared their knowledge with me so I am passing on the love. The fact that it is easy just makes it richer. Right?

Flavored coffee and/or tea. Expensive to buy. Easy to make your own, less expensive too. Now, to be honest, this is not cheap to make, just less expensive than if one were to purchase it from the store. However, a grocery store’s going out of business sale did bump this into the cheap category for me. So, look around and see if you can scout out some big sales in your area too. In addition, this recipe can be adapted to tea if coffee is not your drink of choice. Just omit the grinding of the coffee beans step.

Needed ingredients:Coffee beans (choice of roast) or tea

Flavorings desired (spices, whole ingredients, extracts)

Instructions:Place desired amount of coffee beans and flavorings in coffee grinder and grind to your choice of coarse, medium, or fine. ALTERNATIVELY, Place non-liquid flavorings and/or spices in blender and grind. Once ground, add to ground coffee or tea. Use to make coffee and tea as normal. Note: Liquid flavoring(s) or extracts can be added to ground coffee and/or tea when preparing to brew. DO NOT PLACE IN COFFEE GRINDER.

Seriously, that is it. Can you believe it? So easy. Not only that, real things can be used for flavoring. This eliminates any gross artificial aftertastes sometimes found in already flavored coffees. Maybe you don’t have coffee beans. Maybe they aren’t even close to being in the budget anytime soon. That is ok too. Extracts and ground flavorings such as orange zest, vanilla, apples, cinnamon, can be added to already ground normal, everyday coffee AND/OR tea. Consult your taste buds and allow your imagination to soar.

Been wanting to have some friends over but didn’t think you had anything special to serve? Think again. Throw the flavorings of your choice into the blender, grind them up, and mix them in with either coffee or tea prior to brewing. An evening of good friends, better conversation, and gourmet style flavored coffee and/or tea awaits. Some biscotti and/or shortbread would only enrich the experience, but those recipes are for another visit. Remember to come back and bring a friend. The coffee’s on, and the love’s flowing strong!

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