Tip For Tuesday

Today's tip is for married folk, women in particular: Wives, if you have children, don't forget that you were most likely their father's wife before you were their mother. You will hopefully still be his wife when they leave to establish homes of their own. So please take a gentle, loving tip from someone with 21+ years of marriage experience. Hold your husband close and your children loosely. Knowing that someday, the children will be leaving. Your husband, we sincerely pray, will remain. Children are treasures and rewards. They are however treasures and rewards that are going to leave home. Running and controlling the home is not their intended purpose or task.

Not only will your husband be blessed but your children will be strengthened and loved by this as well. Nothing is more comforting to a child than to know that his/her parents love not only him/her but each other as well. Knowing that their parents are truly one provides a security like none other to children. Making our spouses a top priority, second only to God Himself is a tip that offers potential for tremendous payoffs, blessings even. Abundance in the marriage,  Abundance in the home, what a delightful decision.

It's supper time! I get to put this tip in use! If I look, there are probably hundreds of opportunities to practice this tip, every day. Bye! Have a Blessed and Happy Fourth of July! I am praying for the freedom found through Christ to become an ever increasing reality the entire world over.

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