Easy Peasy Recipe...Kabobs

Fourth of July holiday found us having our annual BBQ. This year we added something new to the menu, kabobs. They were easy, very easy. So simple and delicious that I can't wait to try new combinations of meat and vegetables.

The afternoon before, I cubed a top round roast as well as several colors of peppers. Placing the meat in a separate container, I coated it with BBQ sauce, covered, and placed in the fridge. Then I placed the cubed peppers, pearl onions that had been peeled, mushrooms, and grape tomatoes in a second container and coated them with BBQ sauce. The veggies were covered and placed in the fridge too.

The evening of the gathering I threaded the meat and veggies on skewers. Wooden or bamboo skewers need to be soaked in water prior to grilling. This prevents burning of the skewers. Some of the kabobs were all meat with others being all veggie. My Beloved grilled the kabobs alongside of the smoked sausages and franks. Both meat and veggie lovers were happy. For variety, I substituted smoked sausage chunks for the beef. This was good too.

Future variations we are looking forward to trying are a meat, potato, and onion along with a polish sausage, potato, onion and even a meat and potato only combo. Kabobs are one of my new favorite foods. They would be a great way to reinvent leftover bits of this and that from other meals. Those kabobs that were uneaten were stripped of their meat and veggies. The yummy morsels were reheated in a hot pan, stir fry style, and eaten a top rice. Yum, yum, yum! Frugal, easy, delicious. Kabobs.

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