Reading What? A Summer's Stack of Books

Too hot to work? Grab a book and read. Summer is perfect for reading. Alright, alright, all the time is perfect for reading. I'm not the only person who thinks so either. According to the number of page views, our conversations about the latest books we are each reading are some of the favorites here at Abundance. There really hasn’t been much discussion about what books we're reading this summer. Let's fix that today, right now even. It will be a lot more fun if everyone joins in and shares their favorite, or most anticipated, summer reads. Feel free to pop in anytime! Just leave your thoughts as a comment or in an email at

Some of the books I am reading, are the same ones I was reading last time we talked about reading. I am still working at finishing several too. It isn’t because I haven’t been reading; I have. It’s because I have been reading other things as well. Thank you for overlooking any that might be repeats.

* The Holy Bible - amplified

     ~ This is my out and out favorite book of ALL TIME!!! I cannot get enough of this book!

* Unleashing the Beast by Perry Stone - getting ready to begin this soon - chipped a contact yesterday so won't be reading anything for a bit

* Time to Defeat the Devil: Strategies to Win the Spiritual War 
by Chuck D. Pierce - Read this. That’s all I’m saying.

* Instructing a Child’s Heart by Tedd & Margy Tripp - Kindle edition - full of practical, godly wisdom

* Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp - the reason I was excited to read the book above

      ~ This and Instructing a Child’s Heart would make one of the best new parent gifts I can imagine

* Indescribable by Louie Giglio & Matt Redman

     ~ Full of pictures that testify of God’s greatness like nothing else could. Looking forward to reading this aloud.

* Uncle Wiggily’s Adventures by Howard Roger Garis

     ~ Even Mighty Man of God sits still for this treasure.

* Precious Promises of the Blood of Jesus a 30 day devotional by Gregory Dickow

     ~ Short snippets of truth that take less, much less, than 5 minutes a day

* The Authority of the Believer by John A. MacMillan

    ~ A read that got my attention, made me think, then caused me to dig into the Bible and find out for myself. Could read it again and again always discovering something new to search out further.

* Disarming the Devil’s Assault Weapons by Paul Conger - haven’t started this yet - it's still waiting

* Breaking Christian Curses: Finding Freedom from Destructive Prayers by Dennis Cramer - whoa. Can’t argue with someone’s personal experience - yes sirree, this book is needed. Haven’t read it? Consider it seriously.

* The Blood and the Glory by Billye Brimm - I read this book a long, long time ago. It is in my section of the shelf waiting for me to read it again. It came to my attention again recently when offered as a package deal with The Authority of the Believer by John A. MacMillan. I am curious to see the difference in the reading experience since it has been years since I read it before.

* Approx. 8 Christian novels - some were really short reads

* The Nesting Place blog

* Chatting At The Sky blog

* Lifen blog

* Glorious Treats blog

* Relish Your Life blog

* French Country Cottage blog

* House of Fifty ezine

* Post Road Vintage ezine

* Other random enewsletters, blogs, articles, etc.

Wow! What a list! It’s been hot, and I have this tendency to slip into reading mode easier during the summer. Maybe it’s a throwback from childhood summers where I would check out 5-6 large books at a time from the library and try to make them last at least a week. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just because I really like reading. Whatever the reason, don’t forget to share about your summer reading by leaving a comment or sending an email to
amothersrewards@gmail.com. We’re going to have so much fun!



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