A Brownie Mix and Candy - Making It Easy

Don't ask why, I don't know. I just have brownies on the brain lately. Here are few easy variations to try using a boxed brownie mix and a mini muffin pan.

Place mini paper liners in the pan. Mix brownies as directed on box. Could use favorite from scratch brownie recipe if you prefer. Fill each liner half full. Using small candy of choice, push one piece of candy down into middle of muffin. Bake at suggested temperature for appropriate time listed for the pan. Rolos candy are so good. Unwrapping each one, not so fun. If you have children who like helping, that would make the unwrapping go much more quickly. Miniature peanut butter cups, caramel cups, and other smaller candies would all work well. There are several mini candy bars that have delicious potential.

Having only done this with a mini muffin pan, I don't know whether it would work in a regular-sized muffin pan or not. I do think that another option would be to use a regular baking pan and gently press down chopped pieces of candy into the batter. Of course brownies baked in a regular pan and cut into squares would probably taste best when eaten warm and topped with ice cream, maybe homemade ice cream. OOOOOOH! Homemade ice cream! Have you made any this year? Someone mentioned the possibility of trying new homemade ice cream recipes this Summer. Has anyone done this? How is the taste-testing going? Do tell, do tell. We all want to know.

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