It’s here. That stage when baby is no longer an itty bitty baby. Victorious Man of God just saw the cat and slipped off of my lap to crawl to the window to see her. Of course he got distracted by some little something on the way there and is playing with that instead, but still, he’s at the age where he does that. He slides off of my lap to get to something else that looks better. Mama no longer holds his interest exclusively. Sort of kind of like a baby version of oldest brother leaving for town; the realization gently whispers across my mind.

Over 21 years of parenting has taught that no matter what their age or season in life children grow up and move on to another “stage”. Some of those changes find a parent cheering and rejoicing. Others leave a sting like a resounding slap across the heart. Makes a mama realize how important the minister’s message in church was this morning. The message was about significance, how everyone is significant. If a parent doesn’t know his/her significance, he or she might feel like shriveling up and shrinking back a little bit when children slide off of their lap or leave the proverbial nest. Mamas need to remember this truth, that they are significant.

Significance. We’re all pieces in a puzzle and therefore important. Sometimes it’s one person’s time to shine forth brightly. Other times the limelight belongs to another. No matter who is most noticeable, each and every person is significant and vitally important to the whole. Oh my, another many parts working together to form a whole situation. This theme is showing up all over the place.

Meaningful, vital, notable are all synonyms of significant. During times of transition, if one isn’t purposeful with their focus, he/she might lose sight of his/her meaning, his/her significance. This is especially true for individuals who may not know exactly what their significance is to start with. Whatever an individual’s significance is, everyone is important, meaningful, notable, and vital to everyone else. It matters not whether we have met or never will meet. Everyone is a piece of the puzzle of life. Everyone is significant.

Traveling through life’s seasons, in His Grace,

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