He's Leaving

He's Leaving. Colonel Redeemed is leaving the proverbial nest. While he isn't going far, he is still going. My oldest son has a new job and will be looking for a place to call his own, his own place of dominion.

The process of getting him out of the door has been "interesting". I don't know why, but I have found myself crying at odd times for no reason. It isn't like I haven't known he was going to go. His original departure was set for almost a year ago. I have complete peace about it. So, why the tears? I honestly don't know. Whatever their reason, they have come.

Will he be gone long? Yes and no. Yes, he is going out on his own. No, he is not leaving never to return. He will come back on weekends and for other visits. Perhaps, after a season, he will return to the ranch. Then again, perhaps not. This man loves his family. Younger brothers and sisters will guarantee visits. Mama's cooking might provide good reasons too.

Is he ready? Only God knows. I don't know. Colonel Redeemed says he doesn't know either. How is a young man who relies on his sisters helping him find necessary items on a regular basis going to take care of himself? None of us knows. He'll do it though. Mama has faith in the God who will keep and guide him.

Mama also has faith in her son, this man who loves his mama. When Colonel Redeemed was two-years-old telling me to "just pray for 'em, and let's go to bed" after being awoken by his siter's cries over sore legs, I knew this child possessed more faith than I had expected him to. This was the child to whom I would nightly remind he was created by God to fulfill a destiny noone else could fulfill, sometimes just to remind myself. This is the one who for so many years stood alone as the only manchild with his father in a home full of women.

My ability to rarely, if ever, get embarassed is a result of being the mother of this young man. As my oldest son grew, I never knew what words would escape from his lips. The only surety I had concerning Colonel Redeemed's speech was that it wouldn't be boring. Whatever he said, it wouldn't be the "norm". Outrageous? Probably. True? Hmmm, if a person looked at it from Colonel Redeemed's viewpoint, yes. New? Often. Fresh? Definitely. Until recently, this child alone held the record for phone calls made to grandmothers to tell what new thing had been said.

A natural born storyteller, Colonel Redeemed can take a mundane trip to the grocery store and turn it into a tale worthy of a stage and audience's applause. Know what? Jesus told stories. Jesus loved his mama. Jesus had passion for justice and right. Jesus lived every moment as fully as he could. Colonel Redeemed is a young man who desires to live full of Jesus.

Is Colonel Redeemed ready to be on his own? I don't know. It doesn't really matter since he won't ever truly be "on his own". As long as there is breath within him, this oldest son of mine will always be with Jesus, and with Jesus in him he is ready for everything God has for him. Mama's tears may fall some more, I may need to hug this sweet Victorious Man of God a little more tightly and often for a while, but Colonel Redeemed is ready. With Jesus, he is always ready.

A Mama's Prayer
Stay true, my son
Never quit the fight
The fight of faith
Will always turn out right
When to Him who died
Your eyes always turn
Stay true, my son
The battle's already won
When evil whispers
When temptation calls your name
Stay true, my son
Tis why Christ came
To rescue from wicked's deadly snare
Stay true, my son
Sin's path leads to nowhere
Remember His love
Remember the cross
Remember you are His
In Him you're never lost
Also, please don't forget
your parents love you so
and to Jesus, son
To Him may you always go
And God forbid, if ever you should roam
Return, my son
Return your heart to home
To Him Who loves you
To Him Who died
To Him Who has risen
To Him Who is alive
Stay true, my son
Your mama knows you will
My prayers ring out
Sweet blessing now for you
Stay true, my son
Through sunshine, wind, and rain
Stay true, my son
God is love; He will not change

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