Weekend Reads to Share

Wild and wooly weather out there people! Snow is flying around while wind is whipping the grass and trees ferociously. Thanks are being offered up for the warm fire in the woodstove. Homemade pepperoni pizza and football on the TV put the finishing touches on a cozy homefront as winter storm Atlas blows through. Before I snuggle in for a short nap, there are a few links I would like to share. Each of the following articles caught my attention in a different way. The post entitled "She yelled and called me names" was a timely reminder of who I am in Jesus and that others around me need me to be different. We all need to be different.

Weekend blessings to you as each of us seeks to be Jesus' hands and feet reaching out to those who need us,
Blessed Mama

She Yelled At Me and Called Me Names
It's Blog Eat Blog World, Baby
Information on Production of Chocolate


Emily Wierenga said...

i am honored you'd mention my blog post here, friend. i love that you have a woodstove. we do too. and we also adore homemade pizza. you sound like a kindred spirit. may you be blessed and held tight in Jesus' grip. love to you, e.

Blessed Mama said...

Such kind words! Thank you. Stop by anytime! In Jesus' love, BM