You Need to Wash the Floor When...

Oh my. I am laughing and laughing and well, I'm laughing still! Horsegirl was out in the utility room scrubbing the floor. This action was totally her own doing. I hadn't told her to. She was super excited to find something that worked at getting the dirt out of all of those indentions on our tile, the indentions that we love so much, until cleaning day.

Finally, I had to ask her why she was scrubbing the floor. Curiosity got the better of me. She said that there had been more than one sticky spot by the trash can that she stuck to everytime she went by. Oooooooh. She thought it was pretty sad when rubber boots stick to the floor. Rubber boots are kind of known for not sticking to our tile floor. Inward ooooh.

And the best part of this story is that I laughed. No guilt about those sticky spots. No inner voices condemning me for being a trashy housekeeper. Just laughter. And a blog post. After realizing the victory and freedom in laughing, I had to celebrate. Blog friends are the ones to celebrate with! Maybe laughter is the freedom gift we need more of today, and every day. Maybe instead of turning things into mountains of disaster and despair, laughing is what will bring release and relief most quickly. Maybe this is why God said "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine." Proverbs 17:22 and "A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance." Proverbs 15:13.

Below is a free printable download for some refreshing Fall fun from Jones Design Co. Signing up for the archives is required, but that too is free of charge. The printables available for signing up more than make up for the few minutes required to sign up. Seriously. They do. Hanging out for a while at Jones Design Co. blog might be a fun little day trip to consider as well. A comment left thanking the blog's author for her delightful free gift would be even nicer. Don't worry about the trip being a time waster. It won't be. You will be glad you stopped in. It is like a delightful fresh breeze. It just might get those creative juices flowing.

Have a super blessed day in Jesus!
Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House


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