Homemade Dulche de Leche

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Isn't this guy just too cute? Those sweet eyes are irresistable the way they are begging for a luvin. Something warm, cozy, and fall like was the original idea, but one look at this fella, and all plans changed. Sweet Rascal dog had to have some extra loves too, just because this cute dog makes me think my very own sweet canine needs some huggin and luvin. Isn't that what sunshiny  Saturday afternoons are for? Well, that and making homemade dulche de leche in the crockpot. Right?

There is a cookie/bar recipe that calls for dulche de leche. Not wanting to stand at the stove stirring for hours on end, unopened can(s) of sweetened condensed milk were placed in the crockpot and covered completely with water. After placing lid on, it is now cooking on LOW for 8 hours. After which time the cans will be carefully removed to cool for 45 minutes on wire rack. The mixture will then be added to a new recipe we are experimenting with. Will share later, as in AFTER Christmas, if they are good. If they are good, and we know you, they might end up in a gift basket coming your way. If they aren't, we'll just eat them and know not to do that ever again.

Colonel Redeemed is home for the "weekend". Technically, he is home for Saturday. He gets home Friday evening and on Sunday he goes home after church. So, he is really only home for one day. That has proven to be not quite long enough for him to do his laundry and eat a couple meals worth of mom's cooking while squeezing in some hours of ranch work to try and help his dad. It is long enough, however, for him to share some of the stories from his week and us to try and fill him in on ours. This is only the second weekend though. Hopefully the process will become more streamlined as time goes on. Hopefully he keeps coming home, even if for only one full day. Hopefully, there will be some weekends of enjoying each other more and working less, at least for the weekend. Not holding my breath on that last hopefully, but hey, a person always needs hope.

The tang of woodsmoke is drifting on the crisp autumn breeze, and bright sunshine is whispering in my ear that it wants me to come outside and play in it. There are also three children upstairs that need some time exploring and running on this lovely day. At least their conversation sounds as if it needs refreshing. Even though this recipe won't arrive in your inbox until next week, the love and prayers it brings will be just as heartfelt then as they are today. When this message comes, it will be part of a Wednesday Blog Hop at http://joyousnotions.com/. Hope you are ready to hop on over and join in the fun!

Have a great week in Jesus!
from Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House Blog

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