Giants That Expose and Reveal

Remember David and Goliath, in the Bible? Did you know the name Goliath meant "expose; reveal"? Neither did I, until I just read so. The giants in our lives, you know what yours are, expose and/or reveal who, what is on the inside of us. When giants show up and spew their ugly taunts, it is just like the game show where the host would say "Will the real ________ please stand up!"

The real Abundantly Blessed? Does she have to come to the party? Seriously? Doesn't anyone know how much more fun life is without her? OK, I'll be serious, now that I look back at seasons when giants threatened I can see that it is so. Giants do expose and/or reveal the real.  Oh how vitally important it is to be connected to the vine, God, and for Him to be real in and through me. Me transformed by Him is ever so much better than me, myself, and I. Like David, I want to come "in the name of the Living God."

Aiming for a God reveal,
Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House

P.S. - Yes, it is completely by accident that a post about revealing the "real me" was written and posted on halloween:)

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