Being Reasonable

Hey There! Boy, am I glad to see you! I was just wishing you would stop in. I've got something to share. Remember me asking you to hold me accountable about being healthy Trim Healthy Mama style? Well, after reading more reviews than I probably should have taken time to and waiting for the peace that acts as umpire over our decisions, I have come to the conclusion that I am aiming for healthy and that following Trim Healthy Mama (THM) to the tee may not be a reasonable plan for my family and I.

After trying a number of recipes I was concerned that only one of them really tasted good, but I just kept thinking that maybe I did something "wrong" when preparing them. I also wasn't that crazy about using Stevia. I know it is an herb but it leaves a bitter aftertaste. So...yes, I am glad, glad, glad to have the book. No, I am not following it exactly perxactly. Just thought I should let you know since you are holding me accountable and all.

That being said, I still recommend checking out the Trim Healthy mama recipe boards on Pinterest. There are some recipes there created by other women that are truly delicious looking, like that tomato cucumber salad we were talking about the other day. I also think that a moderate use of sweeteners such as honey and molasses are healthy. They certainly taste better than Stevia!

Before we head out to wash the front of our house I just wanted to "check in" and let you know what's up in the being healthy realm around here. The "plan" that brings peace is for me to enjoy all foods that God has made in reasonable amounts to optimally fuel the temple of Holy Spirit, my body. Knowing that God has designed the human body to function perfectly and that He has provided everything I need I believe this includes an inner knowing of what my body needs when. Therefore, I am committing my body as a living sacrifice and allowing God the Holy Spirit to lead, guide, and teach me truly healthy eating and living.

Now, where is that bucket at? The four youngest children and I can't have a water fight until we've gotten our chores done, and I want a water fight:) Want to join us? Thought so! Are you going to use a bucket or water balloons for the big splash? Yes, I've got some empty ice cream buckets. You're right, they do work perfectly. Oh my. Look at Victorious Man of God sitting over there on the couch so cute. He's just sitting there like a big man watching his big brother Mighty Man of God run around looking for Horsegirl. Wonder if that slightly amused expression is for brother or something else? Whatever. We'd better get busy so we can have some fun in the water later!

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