Whew! This Was Work!

Whew! I've been cleaning house here at Abundance House blog, and boy did it need tidying up! It's still not completely spic and span. Didn't have time for a complete stripping of the beds and washing of the walls, but I did get some stray cobwebs dusted and out of place posts put back in order.

There is still so much tidying and cleaning to do on this blog that it may take me most of the month to get it all done, maybe even longer than that. I know this will cut in on our visits, but the quality of our future times together will be so much better that the time apart is worth the cost. I'll drop in for quick "hey!" every chance I get.

While you are waiting for me to get everything cleaned up around here please feel free to visit the archives. I was amazed at how much we have talked about over the past four, almost five, years. Who knew we've been chatting away for so long? We've had some really good visits. Thank you for stopping in! See you as soon as the tidying is done!

Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House

P.S. - Just in case I wasn't very clear with this post. The housecleaning today's visit refers to isn't an actual housecleaning. It is about getting this blog tidied up and caught up to date by eliminating old posts that are no longer relevant and things of that nature. Thank You for your patience.

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