Date Night

Hey There! It's summer! Summer at our home means family comes in for supper later than during the winter and evenings together are shorter as a result. The light stays longer each day but at our house longer light means more hours to work and more hours working mean less time hanging out. Thankfully the time we do spend together is usually high in quality as it is spent outside on the front porch sitting with glasses of water and/or iced tea visiting. Most are too tired to do anything besides sit and visit. It's a good kind of tired, the kind that comes from honest labor. No one is complaining. It's just the melody of summer at our house.

Summer is not only the season of evenings spent sitting in the cool of the evening listening to the conversations of loved ones accompanied by frogs, insects, and night birds. Summer is also the time of year school is not officially in session. It's a season of the gentle learning of the life lessons that rhythmically run through our days. Summer is the time of year I wait for all year long. No cold seeps in. The only ice to be found is in my glass or the ice cream maker. Water runs on the lawn, around the trees, to the garden plants, splashes squealing children, and fills water balloons. Sometimes, when it is really hot, it runs on top of the roof cooling the inside of the house.

Those summer days when I wake up and can smell the heat. Ahhhhh, I love even those. As much as I love the long dark evenings of winter with their cozy fires in the woodstove, they can't begin to compare to the warmth of summer's evenings with freshly showered bare feet, casual clothes, and night birds calling all around. It's the romance, the romance of summer. Summer evenings are truly romantic. They make me relax form the inside out. Late last night Victorious Man of God and I sat on the front porch while everyone else slept inside. Lightning flashed all around, the breeze became a gust that grew stronger and stronger, and still we sat together silently rocking soaking in the romance of the night. The kittens were hazy blurs of black that shot by now and then in pursuit of something only the night and kittens can see. I might not have been sitting with My Beloved, but it was still romantic. It was a wild type of romance with lightning and wind and a cool that inside the house did not contain.

Not every summer evening can be spent outside. Some are just too windy. When one of those nights comes, the ones where the wind blows a gale force making conversation impossible, those where the television satellite doesn't work perfectly. Those are the nights perfect for an at home movie date night. Here is a link to an article on Dating Divas website that contains some super fun ideas for Movie Date Nights: Dating Divas website. Psssst! Just in case I haven't already told you, Dating Divas is my new favoritest website. There are so many fun fun fun ideas for date nights there! If you haven't visited them, you really want to. Truly you do.

This time spent with you has been such a lovely visit! I can't deny it any longer though, it's time to get back up and finish the day's work. Another thing I love about summer, the food! Summer food is simple food, and I love simple! Hamburgers on the grill tonight with a first ever attempt at grilled fries on the side. We will see how those turn out. It will be a learning experience, if nothing else. Thinking I will parboil the potatoes a few minutes before putting on the grill so that they aren't beautifully perfect on the outside and crunchy raw inside. There are two little tomatoes sitting on my kitchen counter too. They are waiting to shine on top of my burger. Tomorrow? Tomorrow might find me stitching up a few little pairs of shorts and a play dress/skirt or two for some growing children. That's another favorite of summer, simple play clothes.

Thank you for coming by! Hope the kittens didn't pester you too much. They love to play. Wish you could have seen them chasing the red dot of the laser pointer around last night. Hilarious! Just when we almost finished laughing at the kittens, 16 month-old Victorious Man of God started trying to hit the pointer's red dot with a fly swatter! Oh my. So many memories being made around here. I love it. I truly do. Have a hug! See you later! Can't wait to hear about your summer loves! If you can't come for a visit, go ahead and drop me a note in my email box! It's amothersrewards@gmail.com. Or, if it works better for you, a comment is great too. There is a button below. Love you friend! Thanks for meeting me at our "bench".  Bye!

Abundantly Blessed

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