Visiting With Others

Happy Summer Day! How have you been this week? The calendar says we still have over a month of summer days left, but the weather? the plants? the animals? They are saying we're closer to Autumn than not. Since only God knows for sure, I think we'll just celebrate every summer day. So...Happy Summer Day!

There are three links below. Three links to three posts from three different blogs and all three go together perfectly, or at least they did to me this morning:) Sometimes God gives us words to share and sometimes God share words He gives through others. Today we're sharing His life-giving words shared by others. A quick highlight, right click followed by a click on the "go to..." link will get us all where we need to go visit our brothers and sisters this morning. Knowing that each of us has a different amount of time for visiting, we can all return to our individual homes from there.

Love you! Have a super great blessed weekend in Jesus!
Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House 




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