God Speaks To Us Still

Good Morning! Hot Tea? It's definitely brisk out there! Brrr! Even though I have been cutting down my use of sugar, I caved in and used a bit of brown sugar in my tea earlier. It is just that sort of a cool morning for just that sort of tea. Would you like some in yours? Some creamy whole milk too? Uhmmm, now that's a flavor to savor.

While sorting through an older notebook this morning some folded papers fell out. Wondering what they were I opened them up and read. Oh my. On the papers was a word God gave me who knows how long ago, years for sure. My spirit immediately let me know that those papers falling out wasn't an accident. I was supposed to read them; not only read them but share them. With you.

The following word contains references to many scripture verses. Of course that is one of the ways to test a word to determine whether or not it truly came from God, does it line up with His Word? Also, does it line up with His character? As I read through the Word knowing it was to become part of our visit this morning I immediately began thinking of locating the references for the scripture verses to include at the bottom of the post. But no, the impression was very strong that I was NOT to include the references, but rather, that you the readers are to look them up for yourselves. That you are to test this word and find out personally, for yourselves, whether it is sound and true. Please, please do check and test this word. Please do make certain that it does indeed line up straight and true with the Holy Word of God, the Bible. No matter what word you are reading, no matter who it is from, please always test it and prove it true. It is vitally important to maintain such disciplines for they prevent deception from sneaking in and working its evil schemes.

God would say to His children:

Enough! Quit living as the world does. I have works prepared for you to do in My name.Works that require you to be living as true followers of Me. Times are hard and new. What is that to Me and Mine? Didn't I tell you there would be perilous times in My Word? Didn't I prepare you for this very hour? I AM who I say I AM. I do what I say I do. If I say I keep and protect My own dearly loved children then I keep and protect my dearly beloved children. I said I would never leave or forsake you. I won't. I said I came to seek and save the lost. I came. I said I would clothe and feed you. I will. Who are you to say with your mouth that you love and serve Me while harboring fear and mistrust in your heart? Did I say that I see? Did I tell you that you are precious and that I care for you? Yes, I have given you everything for life and godliness. There is nothing missing or broken in Me or My provision. Do not doubt My Word. Cease from strife and discontent. Rest. in Me. My burden is easy and My yoke is light. Learn of Me. I will give you rest. The righteous have never been forsaken. Their seed never begs bread. This is bigger than you. It is not about you but about Me, all about Me.
I Am the Way
I Am the Truth
and I Am the Life
"He that believeth in Me though he were dead yet shall he live"
Believe Me. Believe what I have spoken. Believe what I have spoken in My Word. My Words are true. They are real and powerful. With them the enemy is defeated. Everything up until now has been mere preparation for such a time as now, a dress rehearsal, if you will. Go to My Word. Immerse yourself in its truths. Hide them in your heart that you don't sin against Me. We are almost there dear children. The time of waiting is almost done. The time is soon. The season is now when the Son of Man shall come. Do not be anxious. Do not be troubled. Believe. Believe. I AM He. I AM He, the Lamb who takes away the sins of the world. I AM that I AM.

At this point on the papers I asked God the question of what do I tell them O Lord? Here is the answer that was written for what I felt He impressed upon my spirit:

Tell them of Me, of My power to forgive.
Tell them of how I want them free, free from the bondage of sin, free to see and feel and know truth. The complete truth that I am good and I AM God. There is none else beside Me.
Don't hesitate. Do not fear. Do not fear what man can do to you. For I Am greater than man. I AM that I AM and I have spoken peace, no lack, nothing missing to you into your life. Heed My words and LIVE that I may LIVE through you to the hurting all around.
Life, I have given Life and that more abundantly. Do not doubt Me or My Words. I have said I healed. You are healed. I made you whole. You are whole. Now walk in it, the wholeness I have given you. It is yours to use for My glory. Use it for Me to reach them, the lost and dying. Never waiver. Never fear. I AM stronger. I AM mightier. I AM He, the First, the Last, the Beginning and the End. I AM. Hallelujah!

It seems almost irreverent to end our visit on such a common note as "I really need to get some dinner on", but isn't that often the way God works? Doesn't He seem to enjoy placing the profound smack dab in the ordinary and using them both? Since it is almost time for lunch, why don't we just pick up here when we meet back here at our bench tomorrow? Does that work for you? Good! I'm going to run home and get the soups on for dinner. Love you friend! Aren't you thankful God still speaks to His children today? Me too!

See you tomorrow!
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