Hey There! So, usually, I slip and/or slide in here with a Whew! I made it sort of feeling, but today. Today? Today I boldly walked over to our bench and sat down. Why? Because I wanted to. I wanted to gather at our bench and get together and talk about everything and/or nothing just because. Maybe it's several days of Victorious Man of God cutting four teeth at the same time. Perhaps it has something to do with two previous days' melting heat. Whatever the reason, it was time for a visit. So here I am. Really glad you are here. It wouldn't be nearly as much fun talking to myself.

Realized that it is July and that Christmas is coming. Yes, Christmas in July. I may not begin any actual shopping, but the idea wheels definitely start turning. What's on your Christmas radar this year? For me, I want aprons. Yes, aprons in the plural form. I have four all purpose aprons, three green, one red, and all four of them are "biting the dust", so to speak. So, why not add them to my Christmas list? They are practical enough to be used but still pretty enough to feel like a fun gift. Right? You do know what I'm talking about? The practical yet still a gift dilemna? Hmmm, maybe your loved ones don't groan when you put practical items on your Christmas list. Well, either way, I think an apron similar to the picture I found below would be just perfect for me to wear in my kitchen, one like this one and a few others that are also cute and washable that is. *cough, cough, hint, hint, smile* Oh, and if I could look that good in it by Christmas that would be a gift in and of itself:) 

And since Christmas isn't only about gifts. Well, truthfully, it isn't about gifts at all. It is about THE GIFT of Jesus. And since it IS about celebrating Jesus, and since our celebrations almost always contain food, wouldn't this cheese ball made to look like pinecones look absolutely perfect sitting amongst our Christmas goodies? It would be a delightful addition to any holiday gathering or event. I've been planning on making this for several years. Maybe this is the year I will actually get it done.

And look at the sweet little wreaths in the corners of these windows!!! This is another idea picture that has been waiting for me to make it happen. Every year I say I'm going to make or find some darling little wreaths and beautiful ribbon and well, I think this would be the perfect Christmas to do so. Don't you? Of course my wreaths will be made of different greenery than those in the idea picture, but that's ok. It's only an idea picture, not a detailed plan.

So what ideas do you have stashed away? Are there any pictures torn from magazines, saved to your computer, or pinned on Pinterest boards that wait to be used? Or are you like me? For every idea saved to the computer or pinned there are at least half a dozen variations stashed away in the recesses of your mind? 

Remember how I said that today I boldly walked over to our bench and sat down? Well, I'm now flying out of here in crazy wild dash. Do you have any idea how quickly an almost 17-month-old can get in his big sister's room, climb onto her desk and empty her tissue box? That's the crazy part! The wild part is figuring out how to keep him from doing it a second, third, fourth, fifth...time. 

Waving good-bye and throwing a quick, but loving, squeeze!
Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House

P.S. - All the above pictures are from Google Images and lil' bro. is already back in sister's room! I'm off!

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