No Fear of the Storms

Hi! Glad you could slip out and come back to our bench! There's a storm brewing for sure, but with our dear friends and the hot tea in this thermos, we can still gather together with God and share. If you read Friday's Fourth of July post, our conversation today will be a continuation from then. God shared a word with us on Friday. Today's visit may not be directly tied in with that word, but it was sparked by its reading.

That thunder rumbling around outside makes me think of the rumblings going on in the world today. There are lots of things, people, situations rumbling around making grown people like scared children in a thunderstorm and rightly so. For those who don't have a relationship with God through His son Jesus Christ, this is perfectly understandable. For those God Followers everywhere who DO have a personal relationship through Jesus life should be different. 

When a child and even up until young womanhood, I was afraid of thunderstorms. It was a learned response from childhood. Storms are scary. They make bad things happen. Not long after being married I realized that my husband didn't share my fear. In fact, quite the opposite was true. My Beloved LOVES thunderstorms. Oh my. This revelation of him was startling to this scared girl. My Beloved was as startled by my fear as I was of his thrill. Both of us wondered how on earth...could anyone...be this scared...find this thrilling? After over 20 years of intimate communion with My Beloved thunderstorms are no longer something I fear. Thanks to God's unconditional love lavished on me through both He and My Beloved, thunderstorms have become truly thrilling. Oh, not in a lets get pumped up on adrenaline thrill chasing sort of  way, but a "Look at the awesomeness of the God Who has created such wondrous majesty!" awe and wonder viewpoint. 

Another weapon that rid me of this fear was knowledge. God said in Hosea 4:6 that His people perish for lack of knowledge. Well, my fear of storms may not have been causing me to perish, but it wasns't bringing any life to me either. Learning truths such as the fact that lightning is essential to the health of soil because it adds nitrogen to it when it strikes and that thunder is just loud chased fear out as my fascination with the amazing handiwork of God and His creation grew louder than the voices of those unrealistic fears that had taunted me for years. Listening to My Beloved talk about storms based on the specific formations of clouds gathering in the sky and air currents, fronts, temperature of various air bodies meeting and clashing, it was all so interesting that fear became like the forgotten item in the shed out back that got crowded out of the house due to lack of use. Ignorance had kept me locked up in chains. Knowledge helped me on the way to being free. God, through Jesus, set me free but He used knowledge to shed light on the truth so that I could see it more clearly. At least that's how it seems to me.

Once more, it's time for dinner, lunch to some of you. Maybe you can share your thoughts in a comment or email. Comments can be left below, and emails can be sent to amothersrewards@gmail.com. Here's a hug! Always know I am praying for you! I love you friend!

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