It's What I Said

Mighty Man of God is nailing the flaps of a cardboard box to the sides with a hammer and nail. I told him he could. What? OK, I didn't exactly say he could, but I understand why he thought I did. Ever had that happen? Said something and then realized that what you said could have been saying something else to those who were listening?

He wanted to build something for Giggle. He wanted to use wood, but I didn't want him opening the door in a snowstorm to get wood from the woodpile. Last time he did that, a fair portion of the pile ended up falling over. Older brother wasn't a happy camper about that. So, I told him he could use the cardboard boxes by the back door, the ones the groceries came home in. So, he did. He got the box and proceeded to "build" a garage for Giggle's barbie dolls. However, those side flaps were really in the way so he had to get them down. Solution? Nail those puppies to the sides.

Cute, precious, amusing, totally manlike, but probably not what Mama would have chosen as a solution. When I suggested tape instead he informed me that he couldn't as he didn't have any tape. Hmmm, he didn't technically have any hammer and nails either. Those are mine from my drawer. Guess I didn't have duct tape or any other tape stronger than transparent in my drawer. Mama needs to listen to what she is saying before she says it. She also needs to be aware that what she says might not be what others hear. Just because I know what I'm talking about doesn't mean anyone else does. Just something for me to think on while I go find something stronger than transparent tape and less dangerous than nails.

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