Something Going On

Something Going On is a post written over a month ago. Somehow, it missed getting posted, until now. I was going to delete it, but felt impressed to go ahead and publish, even though it is old. God's blessings to all who come.

Something is going on. Something has gotten way past the stirring inside point and is now at the threatening to spill out and over stage. But the question remains, what is it? What is this that was stirring and now threatens to spill forth past the hidden boundaries of quiet secrets? When it bursts forth from the cocoon of newness will I recognize it? Will I know what it is that God has birthed through me? Will I know what to do with it, when He brings it forth?

So many questions tumble around. It is tempting to demand answers, but demanding answers from Almighty God seems quite wrong. I want to know but am willing to wait for His perfect time. I want much but am satisfied with nothing as long as He has ordained the not knowing. I feel empty but know that unless I am emptied, I cannot be filled with Him. Therefore I sit, I wonder, and I commit all to Him in absolute trust. Is this what resting in Him is? Being content with everything or nothing, as long as He is in it? I pray it is. How I pray it is.

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