Laundry Reality

I've always been a sucker for a cute illustration! The following picture is no exception. There really isn't anything to post along with this other than the reality of the difference soon-coming Victorious Man of God is going to make in the laundry department of our house. This dose of reality struck as I looked at some of the blankets, diapers, and sleepers hanging on the line after going through the laundry. Wow! is our clothesline going to look different for a while. Sweetly different, but a change is a comin' nonetheless.

Also, just a quick heads up, if anyone is going to be looking for or sewing new clothing for Spring celebrations, Easter is in March this year. That is only a little over one month away. We're scouting through our stash of mismatched sheets this afternoon to see what we can find to stitch up into play tops and bottoms for Giggle. The sewing machine is still out from putting together some cloths and wipes for the baby so figured we'd use it while it's out.

Hope you enjoy the sweet picture below. I just couldn't resist putting it in.

Mouse Laundry

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