Wellness, It's a Frugal Journey

Natural Living, Wellness, there are many different terms to describe a lifestyle of less is more. Less chemicals, less expense, less synthetic turns into more real, more natural, more quality. Recently, I discovered a website that is a literal goldmine of information and recipes for anyone in pursuit of more using less. Wellness Mama

If you go under the natural living tab at the top of the page, you will find many recipes for cleaners, skin care products, baby care, and on and on and on. Seriously, this is no joke, there is a recipe that would enable you to make your own products for virtually every use in the home. How wonderful would that be? Being able to know exactly what ingredients are being used to care for your home and body? Many of the products utilize common ingredients that are easy to find. Expense is kept to a minimum by purchasing items in bulk when possible.

Because these recipes are all in one convenient location, a person can implement as many or as few of them as they want into their life. There are even recipes for men's shaving cream and skin care. No one is left out. The author also includes tips for how she uses the cleaning products. I am especially interested in trying her cleaning recipes and tips in the bathroom area. Personally, I feel her opinion holds more weight as she actually has more than one male in the house. That does make bathroom cleanup different, especially when one of those males is little, trust me on this.

Wellness Mama will be a blessing of information for you and your family. It also provides gift giving options galore. I know it is a site I will be visiting often. Maybe I will see you there!

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