More Than A Man Child

Six weeks from yesterday. Six weeks until a man given date approximates what is due. There is a scurrying, a hurrying, a drive to prepare. Yet there is also a drawing, a desire to pull away and soak. Soak in Him. Nesting? Perhaps. Perhaps though God is using this nesting urge He placed within me to prepare to birth more than a man child. Perhaps He is using it to bring forth new in other areas of my life. With Him all things are possible ( Mark 10:27 ) Such a thing could be.

As I soak in His presence, I find myself pondering the possibility that perhaps I am almost in a now season. A new now season. That one of the passions that has been lying deep in my heart waiting to take root, grow, and bear fruit is possibly almost ready for harvest. While I have been going on about daily life knowing He and He alone will bring it forth at the right time, my heart has been preparing to give birth to more than the eye can see, more than arms can hold.

Ahhh, the delight of new life. It didn’t come with grand fanfare or exotic manifestation. This heart passion has slowly, gently, steadily grown until the time to bear fruit should come. I am sensing the time to begin is now. Now, in this season where the new life that has been growing in the inner secret place is also preparing to come forth. Birthing time is near, birthing of both the physical and the spiritual.

Truly I wouldn’t have chosen now. It wouldn’t have made sense to me to begin another new now, but I know that His ways are not my ways. That unlike mine, His ways are perfect, lacking nothing. That if He is truly leading as I seem to sense, everything I will need has already been provided. In Him I am confident. In my weakness, He is strong.

So here I go. I take the keyboard in hand and begin to type. Typing letter after letter until words, words from above, take shape and become life. There is a possibility no one will ever see these words, that they will never be seen by another’s eyes. Still I will type, and I will continue typing until the stream inside runs dry, until there are no more words left to share.

What about you? Are you too finding yourself in a season of the almost now, a time where you sense something new inside waiting to be born? How are you preparing? Will you join me in rejoicing and celebrating the new that is soon to come? Will you hunker in close to the One who loves you so and allow Him to fill you with Himself and Him alone? Smack dab in the middle of the hurrying and scurrying to get things in order before the birth will you steal away and spend time with the Lover of your soul knowing that only He can truly prepare us for this birthing of the new?

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