Sometimes...sometimes we just need to get away, away with the One who made and loves us. Sometimes when we are facing something, we need Him more than anything or anyone else, more than the air we breathe, more than food, more, we just. need. Him. more.

When children no longer want us in their lives, when cancer and disease wreak havoc in our bodies, when there are no friends, when the dark presses in and confusion screams loud, we need Him. There simply isn't any other who will do. Sometimes we need those quiet streams and green pastures promised in Psalm 23, but sometimes, we just need Him. Sometimes, even green pastures and still waters aren't enough, only He can still the crazy wildness inside, only He.

If today is one of those "sometimes" for you, please know that He loves you. He has a good plan for you. He longs to comfort and protect you. Come to Him, share your heart, tell Him your cares. He will take your life and make something beautiful of it, if you will offer it to Him. He, Jesus, He, is the answer to Sometimes.

* Occasionally a pressing need to share will enter the day, even when another posting is already scheduled. While two posts in one day can be an inconvenience that results in extra emails, I know there is a reason the need comes. Thank you for your gracious understanding when extra emails arrive in your inbox. It is my sincerest prayer that someone is blessed and ministered to by God's love for them, His love that stirs the pressing need in me and also provides the words to write. It is He who loves us. It is He who leads and guides, even in the words.

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