Writing It Down

I recently read that there is a 98% chance for success when we write down our dreams, goals, plans. Wow! That is quite a percentage! Enough of a percentage in fact to find me writing down a lot more than I previously have been. Granted, it would probably have a greater opportunity to meet with success if I were writing it all down in the same place instead of scattered throughout two or three notebooks, but hey, I'm writing more down. It does help with eliminating mental clutter in my mind I think. So, that is today's quick tip for abundant living: write it down, all of it.

Whether the thoughts running through my mind are filled with recipes and meals to add to the monthly menu plan or ideas for school lessons matters not. What matters is that they find their way onto paper before they fly away never to be found again. Maybe it isn't a thought or idea at all. Maybe it is a sketch of a doodle that I'm seeing inside. Perhaps it is a random wonder I hope to study out further later. It could be a poem, a chore needing done, or nothing more than a "someday I want to..." sort of thing. Whatever it is, I am discovering what a wondrous thing it is to get it written down. I'm just about ready to keep a notebook continually open on the counter for this very purpose. Even if the only thing that finds its way into the notebook is a thought of thankfulness as it comes to me, the open book will be worth cleaning under and around.

While there are dozens of printables for dozens of notebooks and journals available, I am thinking that a regular notebook or legal pad will work best for me. What about you? Are you already writing it all down? What works best for you? A smash book? An official journal? The back of envelopes? A calendar? A sketchpad? Do you crave colored ink? Black ink? Whatever writing utensil you find handy? Do you use stickers, special envelopes and other add ons? No matter how you do it, no matter what sort of journal/notebook you use, does it work? Is it doable for you and your situation?

Please, please, please leave a comment sharing your thoughts and tips on writing it all down with us. If you would rather, email is available at amothersrewards@gmail.com. Thank you for visiting with us. We love it when visitors come and share.

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