Ph Balanced Shampoo & Update on Laundry Sauce

Ever considered creating your own shampoo? Here is a quick and easy recipe for one that has a correct ph balance, a very important thing. I haven't made this yet as I don't have coconut milk or coconut to make it myself, yet. Will report results as soon as I have some to report. Must admit that I am very excited to try this as finding a shampoo that works for both my hair and scalp is beyond rare. Really hope it is as good as it was reported to be.


1/4 C. coconut milk (can purchase or make own using recipe below)
3 heaping Tablespoons of aloe vera gel (from plant or purchased - use only 100% aloe vera if purchased)

Mix and use. Store in refrigerator. Could provide one week's worth of shampoo, depending on number of people using.

Recommended to put directly on scalp, massage in, allow to remain in during shower and rinse at end. Reported to do magical things for hair when used in this manner.


4 c. water
1 1/2 to 2 C. shredded coconut, unsweetened

Bring water to boil. Add coconut and water to blender. Blend until mixed. strain through cheesecloth to remove bits of coconut. Store in refrigerator. Edible.

Note on concentrated laundry sauce from earlier post: Made laundry sauce, but didn't follow instructions correctly as I accidentally switched the last two steps. Ended up whipping before turning upside down to separate. Seemed to be fine. Still sitting upside down looking very pretty and white. I used three smaller bars of castille soap in place of the Fels Naptha so the end color was white instead of cream. Felt very light and smooth. Hoping for nice, clean results. Know will work in spite of my mistake. Will test it out on our grimiest - and that is grimy! I am certain that there is something it will clean around this house. If nothing else, it would make a great scrubbing cream for the sink or bathroom. I will probably use white vinegar in the rinse cycle as a softener/clarifier just to get in the habit for diapers soon to come.

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