Will You Join Us in Loving Him?

Girl Playing PianoIsn't she sweet, this little girl in the picture? I wonder if she has ever experienced the presence of God permeate the atmosphere around her, flood her heart and open the floodgates of her eyes. I wonder if, as she sits and plays note after note, she is drawn to play notes not written down but those that flow from deep inside the well of her spirit. It looks perhaps as if she is playing from her heart. Don't you think?

As I sat at my own piano earlier playing and singing in worship to God, His sweet presence entered the room. Looking up as I sang, the words of the scriptures framed above the piano stood out and wove themselves more deeply into my being. 

Maybe you will try this too? Play or sing songs of true worship to God and see if the Words of God you know don't bury themselves more clearly and deeper into you. What a blessed time of intimacy with the Lord we will experience. 

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