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It isn't Christmas in July, but Christmas is coming, a bit under four months coming to be exact. That was a joke by the way. "A bit under" isn't exact at all. OK, enough humor attempts for one day. Back to our Christmas is coming topic.

While skimming through the inbox this morning, a picture of this lace lamp pendant was there.
Doily Lamp


It cast such a beautiful soft light into one of the pictured rooms. I regretted not having a space to make one for. Of course my mind rarely stays in one spot for long. Before I realized what I was doing, I found myself looking around the house wondering what I could make using the same technique. It wouldn't have to be a big thing, just some little smidgen of new for the coming holiday season new year.


Guess what! I have some ideas! Guess what else! I can't find my ideas anywhere else online! How cool is that? It means one of two things. This means that either people have tried it, and it didn't turn out OR noone who has tried it has posted online yet. Profound, I know. While we're waiting for the results of my experiments, we can visit the included links for even more doily ideas. Wow! What a large assortment of projects! There is some serious doily love going on out there.

http://dishfunctionaldesigns.blogspot.com/2012/05/vintage-lace-doilies-upcycled-and.html Dishfunctionaldesigns post is chock full of lacey designs. Don't miss this one!

Wondering where the Christmas is coming part went? Me too. Not sure why this made me think of Christmas. Maybe it was the possibility of using some of these ideas for gifts? decorating? I honestly don't know. I knew what I was writing about when I started. Honest, I did. Somewhere between finding and adding links and pics it got lost. Guess that means we'll be talking about it later, in another post. Until then, have a Happy Doily Day!

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jer said...

I wonder how vases would look with doilies on them? Depending on the lip if a candle could be put in. I'm not sure about the heat unless you get a tealight candle?