Got Milk?

The saying "Got Milk?" has a different meaning for nursing mothers than it may for other readers. Before signing off to feed Victorious Man of God I wanted to give a throw out to Mother's Milk Tea. It truly does help increase and stabilize milk supply for breastfeeding. I also found recipes for lactation cookies, muffins, and porridge. The recipes are all waiting on me to get some brewer's yeast from the health food store, but as soon as that happens I'll have some reviews of those as well.

If you know a mother who will be or is currently breastfeeding, the future reviews will include recipes that might be of interest. Homemade recipe cards tucked into a basket with a box of Mother's Milk Tea, some brewer's yeast and a nursing cover or pillow would make a wonderful gift for a new mother who plans to breastfeed too.

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