Break Off All Things

"Break off all things
Break off all things
Break off all things
That hinder Your love"
I don't know who the writer/artist of the above chorus is, but the words were sung over and over at our Saturday evening church service this past Saturday. They are being sung inside of me still. It was a good service. Nothing extraordinary took place for me or so I thought. Then along comes Monday morning. It was an early morning thanks to a hungry babe, and it came after a long weekend of birthday celebrations for Giggles and Mighty Man of God.
There were cranky kids, teens, and an email saying a dear friend is moving. Yet in spite of it all, there wasn't the usual tension. What's up, God? "Break off all things..." came the reminder. Oh! Yes! So, something extraordinary did take place that night; it was unseen. Later in the day there were moments when comments from My Beloved would have made my tired emotions hurt yet no anger or hurt exploded forth. Thank You God! I Love You! "Break off all things...that hinder Your love." The words I'm singing still.

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