So, it's right after lunch. Clean up is complete, and I hear Miss Mustard Seed singing all of these children's church songs to Victorious Man of God. Not modern songs, old timey ones like Oh Be Careful Little Eyes What You See, Who Built the Ark, The B-I-B-L-E, etc. As I finish up what I'm doing, she comes bounding into the room singing. Of course I join in and like a flash she is dancing out of the room with the baby still singing. Oh! Thank you Lord! It's a good day in her 17-year-old life. Those with teenage daughters of their own know what I mean.

I enter the great room just in time to hear her telling Victorious Man of God that all they need is mama to sit down and play the piano for them so that they can sing some more. That's all the encouragement this mama needs. I plop myself down, open the book and away we sing. After a few songs I inquire as to how many we are singing. "The whole book!" was her reply. The whole book - insert gulp. And we did. We sang through the entire little songbook. It was fun. There were only three songs we didn't know. We were very brave too. We sang one with a round.

Nursing Victorious Man and resting my tired voice gives me time to ponder our spontaneous fun of the afternoon. Each of us has now gone about our individual activities, but we are all still singing. Oh yes, with the exception of Victorious Man of God, it was just Miss Mustard Seed, Horsegirl, and I singing. A 42 year old, 17 year old, and 14 year old. The 5 and 7 year olds, Giggles and Mighty Man of God, were outside playing. We were having so much fun that they came to the house to see what was going on inside. So, I am thinking as I sit here. We should sing more.

When we were singing, the floor that needs refinished, the medical bills, the sad-looking garden, and a host of other thoughts that tend to fly around my mind were nowhere to be found. They weren't even on some remote mental radar. I wasn't pondering over whether to use this approach or that textbook to teach reading this year, nor was I wondering what is going on in Colonel Redeemed's head as he tries to think of his future. We just sang. We sang children's songs. We sang to the glory of God. We were silly in a good way, and we. had. fun.

Singing and fun. Singing isn't always fun for me. Usually it is but not always. Today it was. Today I wasn't concerned with whether or not I was breathing properly or creating pure vowels or any other vocal technique. I was just singing, and it was fun. Singing and fun, fun and singing, they belong together. I should do this more often. I used to. When the first four children were little we did this almost every day. Our days were happier and smoother, less stressful. Yes, our home needs this. It needs singing just for fun. It needs songs that glorify God simply and true sung in it. Our home, our family, our days are supposed to contain songs of God.

Not sure when I stopped singing, but Dear Father in Heaven I am so grateful You used Miss Mustard Seed to remind me I need singing and fun. You are worthy of our praise. My children learn to praise You in song when I sing where they can hear and see me, not just in the bathroom. I need to make time for this. They need it. I need it more. Thank You for reminding me!

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