New Season Slipping In

Summer's almost over. One can feel it in the morning mist and see it on the sunflower covered hills. Bit by tiny bit Fall, or Autumn, is slipping in. The smells are changing, and the feel is too. There never really seemed to be a summery feel this year. Oh yes, there have been a few hot days but not too many. The grass has been cut. The laundry has been hung out. There have even been some peas from the garden. Still, for some reason, it just hasn't felt like summer.

It truly seems as if just last week we were finishing up school. We begin again next Monday. Those hot days I was going to cut out quick quilts and whip them up for cold winter nights have long since passed. They weren't lazed away. I've been busy. Where did they go? How come days seemed so much longer when I was a child? I could use some of those long days now. Oh well. there are still plenty of things to accomplish before winter. Plums will be ripe for picking soon. Jelly-making will follow the picking. Christmas presents are on the planning board too. We want them completed earlier this year. They are going to be simpler. A stressless holiday is in the works.

And the rain. There has been rain. Thank you God for the rain! There was dancing and running in the rain! Mighty Man of God has added "and thank You for all of the blessings You have given me." to his mealtime prayers. He added it all on his own without any encouragement or influence from anyone else. It was a personal choice straight from his own heart. That is better than rain, and rain is a wonderful blessing. Besides a few days off of the ranch, ones we spent looking at rocks, bones, and new scenery, Giggles is cleaning her room more, even a little more is more. Victorious Man of God will be crawling soon. Babyproofing will come before the plum picking. Colonel Redeemed will be attending mass casualty training for his fireman training on Saturday. He is looking forward to that. He loves having a fireman's gear, wants me to take his picture.

Miss Mustard Seed went to Peru and is home. She also got her driver's permit and passed hunter's safety. Horsegirl passed hunter's safety too. There will be venison for eating this winter. Giggles and Mighty Man of God planted a garden of their own. They are now getting some food "to help feed my family" Giggles says. How thrilled she is to grow food for her own. She weeds, and God has watered for her. Mighty Man of God insists he doesn't want school yet begs for me to read more books to him. He doesn't know they are books I was saving for school. He has already completed Kindergarten and first grade science and social studies with Giggles the past two years. He doesn't know that either. He thought they were just having fun listening to stories and telling others what they read. The fact that he learned lessons better than mama knew came out when mama heard him playing outside and singing songs containing facts from the lessons that he "made up himself". That map he was drawing? Yes, there those social studies are again. Learning's just playing and having fun when you are five.

Hay is being put up slowy, but it's getting done. There are tomatoes on the vines, beans on the plants, cucumbers on their vines, and peppers growing too. The caterpillars that ate the holes in the brussel sprouts and the green beans all up have been dealt with. The new apple trees are growing, and the tiny chokeberry bush gave a handful of berries. And the hills. The hills have spent their summer days covered in the most lush, vibrant spread of wildflowers I have ever seen anywhere. Each time a few varieties die off, a few more fill their places. The sunflowers are everywhere. So much yellow cheer spotted with purple bee balm, aka stinkweed, and white poppies all around.

I am seeing now. That's where the summer days have gone. They've been passing by one at a time, and I've been living them. Maybe that's how it is when one is living on purpose. Time flies right on by when every second isn't being counted down and computers aren't sat at as often. There has been more time for impromptu worship at the piano, playing with the baby, housework, cooking, riding behind My Beloved on a four-wheeler, and even a few naps here and there. Too much to write about really. Yes, that's where the summer has been. It's being lived moment by wonderful moment, and I am glad. Glad. Glad. Glad. There are only a few words I can think of to close with. What precious words they are too. Perhaps you will sing them with me? Maybe, if we listen very well, we will hear the birds, insects, trees, and grasses singing an accompaniment right along.

"Praise God from Whom all blessings flow
Praise Him all creatures here below
Praise Him above ye heavenly hosts
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
P.S. - Just in case anyone wants to know, Friday is My Beloved's and my 22 and a half year wedding anniversary!  We are only two and a half years away from 25 years! All of those years, and we still have a baby in the house! What a crazy, wild adventure this life together is turning out to be. No special reason for telling about our anniversary. Only just now realizing this made me want to tell someone, and since all of you are here, you are the ones I am telling!

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