Brrrr! Come in! Come in! Let me take your coat and your scarf and mittens. We'll set them here by the fire where they can dry out. Whew! it's wet out there! Can you believe it was snowing earlier? It's almost May! Ooooh, it's so good to see you. Here, I've just got to give you a squeeze. Mmmmm, it's so good to see you. Now, what would you like to drink? tea? coffee? hot chocolate? 

Who wouldn't want to visit this person's house, get a love squeeze and cozy up by their fire for a visist? Who wouldn't jump at the chance to spend part of an afternoon or evening in the warmth of loving acceptance? If a person knew that they would be not only received but welcomed, who wouldn't brave wintry like spring weather for such warmth? Not only would a person brave weather, but he or she would make time in his or her day to do so. All of us would. All of us are inwardly hungering for a place of loving warmth. We all have a hunger for home.

Home. The one place in the world a person can go and find acceptance, welcome, and love without
conditions. The embrace of home feels like a warm fire in winter and a cooling breeze in summer, soothing and refreshing. For some, home is a country refuge. For others, it is an urban retreat. It isn't the building that makes home. It is the people, the love. Home might not be a house. Family might not be biological. Not everyone has experienced home. Those who have know. They know what the song says is so "Mid palaces and pleasures wherever I may roam be it ever so humble, there's no place like home."

My prayer is you find that here at Abundance House. That time spent here is like a warm welcoming visit home. No matter where you've been or where you've come from know that a welcoming smile, friends to visit with, and something good to drink are always waiting for you here. We'll pull up a chair, gather all around, and visit away like good friends do. When the children get hungry, we'll all fix a snack and nibble a treat or maybe two. Laughter, tears, giggles, and snorts will be heard as we enjoy a few moments away from the busyness of the day to day. When it's time for all of us to go, we'll gather once more in prayer with the Best Friend of All, the One who has laid His life down for us, Jesus. There might be a flurry of good-byes and hugs as everyone parts, but that's ok. Home gets a little crazy sometimes. That's just another part of home.

As we say good-bye today, dear guest, please depart with these words in your ears. You are loved. You are important. God loves you. He adores you. He introduced us to you, and we are glad. So, so, so very glad to have met you. Thank you for visiting us at our home today. Please come back again. We'll be looking for your knock. It's like music on our ears. The tea kettle will be singing for your arrival too.

Listening for your knock,
Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House blog

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