My Other Mother

I have another mother, besides my mom. She is the mother who gave me the gift of her son, My Beloved. Some women refer to their other mothers as moms-in-law, but mine is my mom-in-love. This mother is the mother that got me, ready or not, when I was only 19 years old. Everyone knows what 19 year olds are like. Yes, God Bless my other mother.

Before she was my mom-in-love, she was my employer. I worked for her. One of the things I helped with was repapering a bedroom in her home. It was the room I slept in when working at the ranch for her. While working, something fell over with a loud bang. After the object fell with such a bang, I said "crash". I have heard other people say things like "crash, boom, bang" but I just said the one word "crash". Apparently my other mother, who wasn't technically my other mother yet,  thought I said something else, something not as innocent, something that rhymes with trap. She smiles at me and begins to relate a story of something her grandmother-in-love said to her after she had spoken a similar word. It was an interesting story, and I enjoyed hearing it but did have to wonder why she told it to me as if making a point.

Of course by now everyone reading this knows why. My "crash" must have sounded like that word that rhymes with trap, and therefore, the story was a loving gentle way of sharing her disapproval of that word. However, having said the word crash instead of the other and not even thinking along those lines, I hate to admit how long it took me to figure out why I had been told that story. I wondered and wondered and wondered and well, eventually I figured out what must have happened. However, it took me so long to figure out why that I didn't ever ask for sure. Yes, it honestly took me that long to figure it all out. I never said I was speedy. The point of this is to share the loving way my mom-in-love corrected me, even though I didn't actually say what it sounded like I said. 

Through the years my mom-in-love has spoiled and loved me time and time again. Her patience has undoubtedly been tested and tried during the past 20 some years of knowing me. We not only came from  different generations but completely different cultures too. How non fun learning to understand this girl from farming country must have been to a rancher's wife from ranch country. Especially a girl with a strong-er personality like me. Thankfully, for both of our sakes, I am no longer 19 years old, and hopefully, I have grown up some.

No matter what, I know that I am blessed beyond measure with a loving mother-in-love. Her love for her family runs deep and wide. I have learned so much about being a wife and mother from watching her love her family and mine. Watching her love my children is a delightful experience that I treasure. I couldn't allow Mother's Day weekend to slip by without telling my dear mom-in-love Happy Mother's Day!!! I love you!

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