Ideas and Mother's Day

Hi! Come on in! We're knee deep in magazines. These things accumulate like crazy! I need to go through them and cut out the pictures/ideas I want to keep. I know, I know, my idea files are filled to overflowing, but there are some in these magazines I just can't resist.

At our house we like to read and gather new ideas. Believe it or not these ideas come in handy, if not for us personally then for friends and family. Some people make a living selling ideas. But we just get a thrill out of sharing them for free. Finding the ideas is fun; sharing them is even more fun. It's like digging buried treasure out of a dirt heap and giving it away.

As a little child did you ever sit and listen to the grownups talking? Ideas and recipes were most likely flying back and forth adding their own deliciousness to the conversations. Men might have been sermonizing on their favorite color of tractor, style of car, or which golf club was best for various situations. Meanwhile the women were perhaps sharing the most delightful new recipes, best buy on the nicest plants, or the prettiest piece of fabric at the fabric store. Of course there would have been reports of which neighbor owned what, said what, bought what, where, and for what price. Those choice tidbits provided confirmation for the speaker's own opinion.

Mother's Day makes me think of times past spent listening to conversations just like the ones we're talking about. Mother's Day morning would have been spent at church. My mom and grandmas would all have had corsages, that's what the men did in the area I grew up in, they bought corsages for their wives and/or mothers. The noon meal would have been held at the home of a family member from either side of the family followed by the afternoon slipping away in a cozy mess of adults visiting and children playing. That evening would have seen us back at church. Tired but full of gladness, we would have headed home after service. Finally, bedtime brought the end to yet another Mother's Day.

Nothing fancy, just simple, homey times spent with loved ones, these are the memories that Mother's Day brings. Those are also the type of memories I want to create. Simple, homey time spent with those I love are the one thing this mama craves more than anything else. My Beloved and seven children satisfy these cravings beautifully. Since I wouldn't have the blessing of being a mother if it weren't for My Beloved and children, I can't help but send out a thank you to them right now. Thank you dear ones. Thank you for being what makes me a mother. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I Love You!!!

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