What does a mama say in response to a post like yesterday's? There truly are. not. words. No words, just lots of liquid joy and love raining down from the eyes. And the no words part is a bit of a miracle all its own:)

After four days of cloudy, the sun is shining again today. If it weren't so windy we would gather on the front porch and enjoy the newly emerging green grass. Since the wind is too nippy for that, we'll gather in the house, around the table. We'd settle in the living room on the couch, but it's full of clean laundry to be folded. Don't worry about the laundry. It'll still be there waiting for me later on. Visits from friends are more important than laundry. Unless someone will be naked if it doesn't get done, then we'll fold laundry while we talk. Now that's the sign of a true friend, someone who will fold laundry with you while you visit.

The tea kettle is getting ready to hum for us. Are you in the mood for coffee or tea this afternoon? Cream? Sugar? Brown or white sugar? Never tried brown in your drink? Oh, try it, please do. It may be a bit of a challenge to be heard above the children. They feel as if they have been caged for oh so long. I'm feeling a bit that way myself, like they have been caged for oh so long. This might be the perfect day for a good old-fashioned game of UNO, Go Fish, Concentration, or King's in the Corner. Wonder if I could rig up a version of Go Fish using letter and number flashcards. What do you think? It would be a painless way for Mighty Man of God to fill in some of those pesky gaps. Ever known a little guy to have so much trouble remembering the number 8 is not 9? OR that if 9 is nine then 8 cannot also be nine? The absoluteness of math is so confusing for a right-brained man like MOG. Why can't there be two 9s? Why indeed? By the time we are done reviewing our numbers I am wondering why there aren't myself. When he gets it, it will be there to stay. I keep reassuring myself with this knowledge.

Two, or is it three years, after saying we were going to start, we're still working on introducing notebooking into our school days. Basically, notebooking is another term for scrapbooking or journaling what the student is learning, a record of their learning. After trying a number of learning methods unsuccessfully, I finally stepped back away from the schooling, sat down, and took a good honest look. Looking at the big picture, revealed that there aren't a lot of huge gaps merely small pesky pinholes, pinholes that can easily be mended. Following closer observation, consideration was given to what works. After all that assessing it was determined that the best solution would be to do what we were going to do several years ago with Miss Mustard Seed and Horsegirl, notebook.

Anyway, with the cold rainy/snowy weather, some spring cleaning has been happening upstairs. All of those rubber stamps and paper scraps in the craft room sparked thoughts on ways to use these supplies for school. One thought trailed to another and before the cleaning was done I was in full notebooking mode. Giggles loves scrapbooking and she loves to create. She also loves to learn. She just does not, however, get into writing what she learns down. Notebooking is the perfect answer for her. A number of traditional classrooms have been using various versions of notebooking for years with markable success. Why not go with what works? So don't be overly surprised if we're late to tea time every so often. Time has a way of slipping by when we're busy creating, and creating journals or notebooks of what is being learned is what we're going to be doing.

If you know any student(s) who struggle with traditional busywork or retaining knowledge, spend some time looking into notebooking. Notebooking or journaling lends itself to a wide variety of learning methods and styles. It can be used in every subject, even Math. It doesn't have to be contained in schoolwork either. Recipes, decorating ideas, writing, any number of things could be notebooked/scrapbooked/journaled by any person of any age. Even tea time ideas could be notebooked!!! Can't you just see a smashbook style notebook filled to overflowing with pictures of roses, tea cups, scones recipes, poems, stories, and every other thing that says tea?

There are as many different types and styles of notebooking as there are schools and people. No matter what the subject or learning situation, notebooking can greatly enhance the learning experience for both student(s) and teacher. Oh! And if you find an inexpensive source for three ring binders, paper, printer's ink, and adhesive, I would be ever so thankful for the information. We're going to need some notebooks to put our pages into.

Do you notebook or know anyone who does? We would be thrilled to hear and see all about it. There's a place to leave comments below or an email can be sent to amothersrewards@gmail.com. Feel free to include a picture too! Thank you for dropping by. It was so good to see you! We don't always visit about homeschooling when we gather, but every once in a while there's something, like notebooking, that kind of finds its way into our chats. Notebooking isn't only for homeschoolers though so I guess it's ok that we talked about it this once. Yes, the kids are definitely reading for some mama's attention. They've been such sweethearts during our visit today.

Oh, wait! Before you go, let's gather before the Lord in prayer. He's the Friend above all friends. We don't want to leave Him out of our visit.

Dear Lord, Thank you for the guests at Abundance House today. They have graced our home with their presence and time. I pray that they will be blessed beyond measure as they depart from here, and that their homes will be filled with the fullness of You. I also ask that they would be brought back for another visit and another and another and...yes, God, lots more visits. Thank You for drawing us all together. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

Here, let me give you a squeeze before you walk out the door. Ohhhhh, it's so GOOD to see and visit with you. I'll walk out with you. Did you see the buds on the tiny fruit trees across the drive? Spring is coming soon. Here's where I stop. Can you see Victorious Man of God looking out the window at us? He's standing there with his blanket. He's ready for his snack. Better get back inside before Giggles and Mighty Man of God find the candy stash. Thanks again for coming! I'll see you later! Watch out for that wind. Don't let it blow you away! Come back anytime! Love you!

Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House blog

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