A Really Good Day

Oh Good! You dropped in! I'm so glad you're here! How was your day today? Busy? Mine was filled to overflowing with the best kind of treasures, the daily snippets of goodness that weave themselves together to form a very blessed life. The smell of a freshly mown lawn,  a young son helping his father,  two young sons playing together on the lawn, the tug of a toddler ready for mama time, excited stories coming from a 7 year old Giggle girl, clean laundry piling up, dirty laundry disappearing, a 17 year old finishing her high school courses, washing off the front porch, and a rousing game of Uno.

Looking over my daily snippets it seems kind of funny to list Miss Mustard Seed's completing high school in the middle of normal day to day activities, but that is one of the things that made today different than yesterday. Miss Mustard Seed turned in all of her final high school work this morning. Everything has been completed. Once I finish grading her last assignments, a final report card will be issued, a diploma given, and another high school transcript finished. This is the third time I have done this, graduated one of my children. Every time is different. Every. single. time. None have been the same, not a one. Makes sense. Children are all uniquely created individuals. Why would their life experiences be the same?

Some people feel that children born in the middle of several siblings are deprived, overlooked, ignored, on and on the descriptions go. I don't see it that way. Maybe in some families, but in ours, it seems to work in a positive way rather than negative. For our third born child things are usually smoother than they were for her older two siblings. Two other children have already gone through major experiences so most of the kinks and nervousness have been worked out and/or through. By the time Miss Mustard Seed reaches a milestone, I am more confident about what needs to be done, more relaxed, less obsessive and stressed. Not that I am ever obsessive or stressed mind you. hahaha. You are laughing at that last statement right? You should be!

Yes Miss Mustard Seed in her third born position, in many ways, has it decidedly easier than her older two siblings. Easier than her younger three too as she was only second in line for hand me downs. Clothing and/or toys hadn't worn completely out by the time they got to her. Because she was born in a different season than her older sister, she often got new-er clothing anyway. Summer clothes don't work very well when they fit you in winter and vice versa. Because there were children before and after her, she also learned to share, get along, and when to stop the madness by refusing to be manipulated by either older bro. and sister or the younger.

There are still challenges for her to overcome. Everyone has them, but from her middle seat in the family Miss Mustard gets the privilege of observing two others handle similar challenges before facing her own personal set. She gets to learn both what to do and what not to do just by watching.

So, it was a full day today. A good day. A really good day. A normal work day without any unexpected stress popping up, now that's a good day. Wouldn't you say? What's that? It's getting late you say? You're right. It is. You have to go? I understand. Morning does come quickly. I need to get to bed myself. Thanks for stopping by. It has been a beautiful night for a visit. Come again soon. Drop by anytime you can. We love to have you, even for just a little bit.

Praying peace and protection over you as you go back home,
Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House blog

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