Pizza - On the Grill

Hi! How are you on this lovely summer morning? The rain last night was so refreshing. Yesterday was a tad warm, and today is predicted to be even warmer. Yes, I think something on the grill will be best for supper. No sense in heating up the house any more than necessary.

Speaking of cooking on the grill, last night I cooked something new on ours. Pizza! It was great! Horsegirl made up our usual two batches of pizza dough. I stretched them out on an oiled counter just like we normally do. Then, instead of putting them in the oven, put them directly on the grill. Our grill held two crusts at the same time. These cooked for approx. 10-12 minutes before being flipped over with a spatula. Once the crusts had been turned sauce and toppings were added. The pizzas were then left to cook for an additional 7-12 minutes. Yummy! They were beautiful and delicious. AND the house didn't have to be heated up. Yea!!!!!! Naturally, our minds were whirling with other possibilities for cooking on the grill. Buttered garlic bread, Cheesy garlic bread, to name two. What are your favorite things to cook on the grill?

I'll be waiting to hear all about it when you stop by next time.Thank you for dropping in. Our visits together are some of the best parts of the day! You know that God loves you, and so do I, right? Here's a loving squeeze to make sure you don't forget! Love you! Watch out for that sidewalk chalk on the porch. It seems as if a few pieces always miss getting picked up. Come back anytime, sometime when you can stay longer. Have a great day in Jesus! Good-bye!

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