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Zippity Doo Da, Zippity Day my oh my what a wonderful day it is to finish up the spring cleaning projects I have started! The sun is shining. The snow has melted. There are still puddles enough to remember the marvelous rain on Mother's Day, and the birds are busily flitting about from tree to tree.

The day above was a beautiful day for spring cleaning. Not all of the projects are completed, but enough has been accomplished to provide a sense of progress. For now, that is enough. Even one paragraph was all there was time for writing that day. It was a busy busy day. Maybe I should have deleted that lone paragraph and started over. However, it sounded so happy and sunshiny that I just had to leave it be.

After drinking up their small cups of cappucino I made for them during a recent afternoon tea time, Giggles and Mighty Man of God stated that they may never drink instant cappucino again. Oh my. Those two are pure delight. Neither one of them drink instant or otherwise very often, but apparently when they do, they will want it to be made fresh for them. Makes me smile just remembering how seriously sweet they were about it all.

So, here we are gathering together for another visit, and I just can't get away from a couple of thoughts. 1. A place for real people doing real life to gather together and 2. a place of refuge and sanctuary for God's people. As always, there are many more thoughts running around my head, but these are the two that keep rising to the top and hanging on. Won't it be interesting to see what God does with these thoughts? How interesting it will be to be part of Him working out His plan in and through us all!

Before we all head out for the afternoon, please do let me tell you about a few books I'm reading.
  • The Student Whisperer by Oliver DeMille/Tiffany Earl - SO inspiring. It is taking my thought processes as an educator and parent up several notches.
  • A Thomas Jefferson Education - Teaching a Generation of Leaders for the Twenty-First Century  by Oliver DeMille - barely into this one. Will have to report after reading more.
  • Fields of Home by Ralph Moody - We are still working our way through this read. It is just as good as the other stories from Mr. Moody's childhood, but definitely has a different tone to it. Much more serious with a lot less funny.
  • Another book about Betsy Tacy and Tib. They just keep getting better and better. The children and I love every single one of these books.
  • A Child's Geography Vol. 1 Explore His Earth by Ann Voskamp - brilliant! Most enjoyable geography book we've ever read!
  • Science in the Beginning by Dr. Jay Wile - Oh my. Dr. Jay Wile's new elementary science books may be the only ones we use from now until Junior High level. I am learning so much more than I ever did in school, and it is written in an interesting style. I know science wasn't this fun or thorough in grade school when I was a kid. Oh, Giggles and Mighty Man of God are loving it too:)
I think maybe I am forgetting a title or two but for now, these will at least provide a glimpse of the book stack. We're going to settle in with the Geography and Science now. See you later! Have a Blessed afternoon in Jesus! We love Him so.

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