Ask and You Shall Receive

Usually, we at Abundance would welcome the opportunity to share fall recipes that would tempt your tastebuds and take very little time. This year, however, we're handling things a bit differently. This year, instead of giving readers an actual recipe, we're sharing an idea, an idea for obtaining not only a recipe but possibly a new friend. At the very least, an already existing relationship may be strengthened.

Autumn produce is abundant right now. For those who long to avail themselves of the bounty but don't have time for complicated recipes and canning, butters are for you. Apple butter, pear butter, pumpkin butter are all welcome additions to breads and bagels. Toasted whole grain bread spread with pear butter and served with a cup of hot tea may very well be the perfect breakfast; it works well for afternoon tea break too.

Not only are these butters tasty, they can be quick and easy as well. Great! How do I get the recipe? Are you wondering where the great big idea is? Ask. Ask for the recipe. Think of those you know. Consider those you don't. Ask your mother, your grandmother, aunt, neighbor, sister, worker at the home extension office, whoever sold you the produce, just ask. Even if noone you know has a recipe, I bet they know someone who does.

If ever there was a time when people needed other people, it is now. It's time to go beyond the virtual societies we have built and rebuild the ancient walls of community. Full, rich resources abound all around each of us in the form of other people. Every person is a genius in something. Let's actively seek out and harvest the greatest resource of all time, each other. 

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