Ahhhh, the first official fire of the season is seeping warmth through the house, a small cat has been put back outside after his soft-hearted owners snuck him into their bedroom, and the quiet hum of early afternoon settles itself around the shoulders like a warm shawl.

We've shared quite a few money-saving tips here at Abundance blog. Today's tip may be our very most favorite: savor each other. That's it. Nothing more. Savoring each other may involve sacrificing time, personal interests, and effort. It will not, however, require the spending of financial resources. So many articles on saving money have been shared both online and in print that the topic has almost lost its appeal. Abundance doesn't endorse the stick your head in the sand and ignore reality method. However devoting most of our time to lack is equally as futile. Neither method works. Both are unsuccessful.

As the holiday season speeds this way, it is our hope and prayer that our time won't be spent looking at what is missing or worrying over what could come. We are praying that abundant wealth will be accumulated in the form of memories, memories created by noticing and being thankful for what is rather than what isn't. Momentos of the heart gathered when savoring each other not only take up less space in our homes, they enlarge our hearts to hold even more love and treasures. Interestingly enough, it doesn't take long before love's richness begins to overflow and spill out onto everyone we meet.
Could anything be more perfect for the holidays or any other day?

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