We Don't Know...We Just Don't Know

OK, here I am feeling as if I'm doing absolutely nothing for God, and WHAM! my eyes light upon this article
from New Lifen. This author is the only male blogger out of 700 women participating in the 31 Days series held every October. Please click on the link and read this. Truly, it shows how we never, ever know the depth and scope of what we are doing. Those small, seemingly insignificant, acts of obedience can be used greatly and those appearing great may end up being the smallest most insignificant.
Maybe I have been missing it, but I had never considered the fact that more than likely those people God used to write the Bible were unaware they were doing so. Paul was writing letters to encourage and correct. Did he know that one day those letters would be read and used by millions of believers? Was he aware that the words he penned to fellow brothers and sisters in Christ would become part of the Bible? Did any of the writers of the Bible know? Wow. How many acts of obedience do we label as small and insignificant that God intends to use in a big way, to affect many?
Dear God, forgive me for looking and thinking in my own understanding. May I learn to trust and relax in You. As the scripture says, whatever I do, whether in word of deed, I need to do it all to the glory of God - as unto You and not men. May I never again despise the small thing. You are so amazing God. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

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