Cloth Diaper Review - Luvin' Them!

Here we are with a long-ago promised review of cloth diapering. This is reward number seven and our seventh try at using cloth diapers. After six failed attempts, we are more than happy to report that try number seven is a huge success!!!

Disposable diapers are used at night and when traveling. To be honest, with the use of a wet bag we could easily reserve disposables for nighttime use only without any inconvenience. The only reason we haven't yet is because I just haven't done it. No valid reasons or excuses available.

What made the difference this go round? The style of cover we used. Without a doubt the style of cover has made try number seven the success it is. Instead of using traditional pull on style plastic pants we are using covers that snap. There is little difference between the putting on and taking off of disposable diapers and cloth now.

What about washing? We use a covered trash that can be opened by stepping on a lever. It is a small can. Because the can fills so rapidly, we are able to use the dry pail method. This eliminates any
smelly soak water mess in the diaper pail. That soaking water is just so gross!

Sorry, about the washing...when our pail is full, we dump the pail diapers, covers, and all into the washing machine run through without soap on cold and then again with soap on hot. So far no stripping or bleach has been necessary. Granted, we are still breastfeeding so no big boy messes from table food have been experienced yet. That will be a future test in our cloth diapering try number seven.

We usually line or hang dry the diapers and covers but have dried them all in the dryer once. Both methods worked fine. I will try to avoid using the dryer on the covers to help preserve the elastic longer.

Now that we are using a style of cover that is more user friendly, I am beginning to see why cloth diaper uses are so thrilled with their diapering experience. I wouldn't want to tell someone else what to diaper their baby with. This is merely a personal review along with a shout out for the snap style cover. I am also starting to catch myself thinking about how much cuter a boy print cover would look instead of the plain white ones we have. Can't you just see a cute little camouflage bum wiggling back and forth as the baby crawls around? Me too. I also had to stop myself from using cute little boy print flannel to make diapers out of. Seriously, noone can see the diaper. It's inside of the cover.

Oh yes, flannel diapers. That reminds me. If you are wanting to try cloth diapering or already do but want to know about other diaper styles, we have also used a square of flannel. We folded it using diaper origami, and viola! a very effective, efficient diaper. The folds were easy enough for a 40 something mother to do and very quick to put on. They also looked super cute on baby's bottom. It was tempting to go coverless just so we could see how cute. Don't worry. We didn't. Interested in diaper origami? The instructions with pictures are available online - FOR FREE.

Cloth diapering review?  Positive Plus!!!

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