Sandwich Spread

Summertime is a season of quickly thrown together meals here at Abundance House. While none of the meals I put together require much time to prepare, summer meals are quicker still. Here is a super easy recipe for sandwich spread. This spread can not only be used to put leftovers to good use, it is economical and fairly healthy besides. It lends itself beautifully to picnics and/or roadtrips too.

Sandwich Spread

  • cooked meat - chicken, beef, pork, whatever your preference
  • mayo - homemade or store boughten
  • relish - the style you like best
  • mustard - your favorite variety
  • nuts, seeds, dried fruit - optional

Grind or chop meat. I use a food processor. Use a light hand on this as overprocessing results in meat mush. Meat mush is NOT appetizing in the least. Mix mayo, mustard, and relish together then gently stir into meat. Add any other ingredients.
I use approx. 1 c. of mayo, 1 T. mustard, and 2 T. relish with 2-3 c. chopped meat. Amounts can be adjusted to personal preference. Sometimes a bit of salt and pepper are needed. If I were fixing only for myself, I would drop a couple more tablespoons of relish in. Different meats may need different amounts of each ingredient.
Spread can be stored in refrigerator and used at will. The above amounts fit perfectly in a one quart canning jar. Sandwich spread makes for quick snacks, lunches, and suppers and can be spread on crackers, tortillas, or bread. It could also be served atop a bed of greens with fresh veggies or fruit alongside. Might be nice mixed with cooked grains or pasta.

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