I Would Like To...

...write a book/magazine about homemaking. Something that covers every aspect of it from the decorating down to cleaning out the teeniest tiniest corners. This is of course a dream that right now wouldn't seem possible. However, I know that God is God of the impossible. Truly though, what benefit would  a book about homemaking, decorating, and cleaning be when there are already so very many of them in the world? Things are in a state of turmoil. People need encouragement on a grand level, and I want to write a book about the everyday? Does that even make sense?

Irregardless, I see in my mind a vintagy, classic twist on traditional with the barest hint of cottage lodge thrown in. Of course there are spots of French Country that keep popping up throughout the home too. I seriously think that our family needs cabins/homes for guests if for no other reason than so my daughters and I can decorate using all of the various styles we like but don't have enough rooms for in the main house. The magazine/book will simply be where we share the overflow of ideas we are even now acquiring.

There is even a name for this book/ministry, Abundance House. For now, Abundance House is
a dream in my imagination. Given time though, it may become a vision from God turned reality. Then my collection of items that whisper "let me stay" will have a purpose and a home. God is good. I am trusting Him for His direction and plan to manifest as He desires. When those cabins are built and ready for guests, I'll let you know. For it is you dear friends who should know first. It is you, after all, who invite these words of mine into your inbox. It is you who share your time with me. Therefore, it is you who must know first when the dream becomes real.

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