Living Large in Him Freely

Living large in Jesus. It's a concept that has been going through my mind so often lately. What does it mean? How is it accomplished? Can it really be done?

Yes. Yes, it can be done. There is a 24-year-old woman in Uganda doing so. She has adopted 13 girls there and lives there. Formerly from America, she left her "normal" life here to go over there and live supernaturally in Jesus. He lives large in her, reaches out through her, speaks through her, and smiles big out of her.

Yes. Living large in Jesus is possible. But what does it look like through me? How do I live large in Jesus? How do I do what that girl mother of 13 in Uganda does here in the middle of America? I know there are hurting here. How do I love them large in Jesus? How do I open my door and heart? How do I get past the cautions about being "safe" screaming loudly in the background?

Oh, that's right. I look to Him, the One living large through me. I look to Jesus. It isn't me living large. It's Jesus. Everything is good. He knows how. He knows how to take me past what I "know" right into the midst of what is known only through Him.

On the Fourth of July our family celebrates with food and fireworks. That day is jokingly called Colonel Redeemed's national holiday. Freedom is worth celebrating, and we do. Recently, however, we found out that we are not the only ones enjoying our fireworks.There are neighbors sitting on top of hills so that they can see the fireworks bursting bright from our yard. The thought of them sitting out there hurts my heart. It makes me want to cry. There is someone sitting out there all alone watching from a far. My heart cries. I want to draw them in and love on them. That's Jesus. in me. I want to open my arms and door as wide as my heart.

So really, the question isn't whether or not living large in Jesus is possible, nor is it how do I do it. The true question is will I do so? Will I let God the Son out of the box I so often place Him in? Will I open up the box, take off the lid, and throw it away so that Jesus is free to flow through me and out of me as He wills? Will I? That is the question, the one that needs answering. For if I dare, if I do, life may never be the same. Will I? Will you?

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