Road Trip Savings

Having just returned from a five day roadtrip, here are few money-saving techniques discovered along the way.

  • Fill a cooler with bottled water and stock up on instant drink packages. This provides two drink options in one. Travelers can drink water or shake up another option if desired. Bringing with allows a person to avoid overpaying at quick stops en route.
  • Throw in some jerky and other healthy hand held snacks. Healthy snacks, don't forget the protein, make it possible to last longer between meals. This prevents excessive spending and eating of junk food too. Please notice I said excessive eating of junk food. Some junk food is just part of the fun in our family. Pass the cornuts and bugles anyone? Bringing snacks along also frees up more budget for other traveling fun. Note: if you make muffins for the trip, they work best in a rigid container such as a clean, empty ice cream bucket. Storage bags may not be your best choice for baked goods. Just saying...
  • If needing food stuffs while traveling, go to the grocery store instead of a gas station or quick stop. Prices will be much less.

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