I Would Like To...More to Share

...I would like to share with others the wondrous joy of love, marriage, and sex. There is a passion in me that fellow believers would be free to enjoy physical intimacy to the full. So many are hesitant or even resistant to the mention of sex. How sad. Physical intimacy between man and wife is one of the best marital aids and enhancers;it is a physical act of worship. Not only that, the more often we enjoy marital intimacy, the healthier we are physically and mentally. Our spiritual health is also enhanced, at least I am fully convinced it is. I feel that Song of Solomon supports my thoughts on this completely. It seems as if the church as a whole is in much bondage when it comes to the most intimate aspects of the marriage relationship. How I would love to teach truth so that people could be set free to enjoy each other fully in their marital covenant with God. That is my "I Would Like To..." dream. Thank you for allowing me to share it with you.

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