Dreaming Out Loud

Every so often there will be a new type of post showing up. These are going to be called an "I Would Like To..." series. Having recently learned that writing down an idea/dream increases the likelihood of it coming true and already knowing that sharing one's heart dreams can be freeing, is how the "I Would Like To..." posts were born.

Not only am I going to share though, I am sending out a big loud request to all of you. Won't you join me? Won't you send in your "I Would Like To..." dreams? If your dreams are near and dear, they may feel a bit too precious to share. We all understand. Ours feel that way too. That's why I am making sure this is a safe place for us all to open up. No one has to include their name or any detail that is too fragile for sharing. We only have to share what we feel safest letting loose for others to see. Because remaining anonymous is available, everyone can share as much as they want without fear. I'll get things started tomorrow. Then, once a week or so, others will follow.

Am I opening this series up because I'm nosy? No. Not at all. I am opening the inbox up to offer the freedom of letting a dream out to breathe that I have found. So, please? Won't you send in your "I Would Like To..." dreams? The ones kept hidden inside? You know, those that seem so ridiculous and outlandish that you haven't told another soul? Thank You. I Love getting to know you all, and friendships are the richest treasures each one of us can possess. Friendships will result when sharing is done.

Thank You!
By God's Grace,
Blessed Mama

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